Andrés Mattei | The Lesson
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On the first lesson we will talk about your short and long-term goals, and a lesson plan will be designed to achieve those goals. From there on each lesson will be a fun and challenging workshop in which I will help you gain technique and musicality in your favorite music styles, always working toward your goals. Each lesson generally starts off with previously assigned work, usually technique/reading skills exercises. We then work on new material (rudiments, rhythmic patterns, time signatures, etc.) and we finish off doing some fun stuff like learning new grooves or working on a specific song or piece chosen by you. I will always be stressing out throughout lessons the right way to practice.


What you will need for the first lesson:

  • Your instrument
  • Sticks and/or mallets

The method books to be used will be decided after this lesson.


The keys to get as much as you can from each lesson are these:

  • COMMIT to your goals.
  • PLAN your practice.
  • ALWAYS HAVE FUN while playing.

Do that and you will be surprising yourself with great achievements in no time!

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